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Mikoláš Chadima (1952)  and Pavel Richter (1956) first met in the band Elektrobus, largely influenced by the work of Frank Zappa, which was active between years 1975 – 1976 and represented sort of essential ground of Czech alternative scene of the following years. The only preserved live recording of Elektrobus was reconstructed and released as a CD Undefinitive within the Archive edition in 2001 by Black Point Music. The problem of from today‘s point of view supergroup was nevertheless the fact that too many strong individualities met within the band.

After the split, Pavel Richter joined progressive band Stehlík, which represented counterpart to then ingoing wave of jazz-rock. On the debris of Stehlík he set up Švehlík, where he took over the lead role. Final shape of the first period of this remarkable group from the years 1981-1983, already under name Marno Union, covers 2CD Švehlík – Studio 1982 / Studio Marno (Black Point Music 2002). Substantial was also Richter’s collaboration with folk-rock mystic Oldrich Janota, in trio which furthermore completed Luboš Fidler. Their shows enthused with ambient features are recorded on live records from the year 1984, released later as 2CD High Fidelity (Indies Records 2001). Richer fully developed ambient layers, supplied by the hints of world music, within Richterband, which was active in variable formations since 1986. He reassumed ethnical influences mixed with electronica in the band Wooden Toys again and in a way in Guru Band with jazz vocalist Jana Koubková too. He also glimpsed in early Dunaj line-up (then still with Iva Bittová) and collaborated with improvisational Zapomenutý Orchestr Zeme Snivcu too. Extensive is also his production for film and theatre. For example, he participated in Zuzana Zemanová-Hojdová’s full-lenght picture Príbeh 88 and Jan Kubišta’s Divoká svine, composed music for art theatre Kolotoc’s projects, collaborated with mime Ctibor Turba etc. He is sought-after producer as well as studio musician and leads his own label Richtig Music. Representative retrospective profile of his career presents eponymous 2CD (Indies Records 2003).

After the split of Electrobus Mikoláš Chadima joined The Rock & Jokes Extempore Band, where he eventually took over the lead role and began to create conceptual shows, in which he subsequently refined his peculiar composer potential. Culmination of Extempore activities was extensive project Velkomesto (The City - released as 2CD by Black Point Music in 2001), which Chadima had the possibility to perform in 1981 in London with assistance of Chris Cutler, Tim Hodgkinson and Mick Hobbs. Concurrently he played in revival Classic Rock And Roll Band and quiet different, free improvisational group Kilhets. After Extempore called it quit he formed MCH Band, which however from conspiratorial reasons (Chadima signed Charta 77) performed during 80’s under all sorts of names. Pavel Richter, who „lended“ his playmates from Marco Union for the first conceptual show of Krokodlak, joined him just at the beginning of  MCH Band. Very dark albums, on which Chadima uses decadent lyrics of Ivan Wernisch and later eastgerman dissident poet Jurgen Fuchs, were after the Velvet Revolution summarily released on 2CD MCH Band 1982-1986 (TomK 1992). Besides, he later returned to Fuchs lyrics in 2002 on album Tagesnotizen, which proves that at the beginning of the new millenium he is still able to affiliate to contemporary eletronic sound. Other aspect of Chadima’s production present work of  Pseudemokritos (Black Point Music 1996), with jazz-oriented musicians Peter Binder and Aleš Charvát, or  Pruhlední lidé (Black Point Music 1998) with innovative drummer Pavel Fajt. Last but not least, in 80’s Chadima had merit in distribution of the Czech alternative scene tapes under label Fist Records and wrote extensive book Alternativa, which describes Czech independent musical events in context of political situation at that time..

In December 2002 Mikoláš Chadima and Pavel Richter met on one podium again on occasion of MCH Band jubilee, celebrated at Alternativa festival (which covers 2CD MCH Band Live - 20 let, Black Point Music 2003) and found out that their collaboration doesn’t have to be played out by far. So the project came into existence, which proved its vitality on plenty of shows with magical atmosphere and live recording of which you are holding in your hands. In New Work presents congenial improvised dialog of two musicians, whose web-like musical structures, layers and filigree hints masterly interlace and complete. It is not the encounter of two former „rivals“, but strange fusion of two musical souls in raw shape, which to be sure doesn’t lack gentle melodic vibrations too.

Petr Slabý


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